Prepare the base – square sheet of plywood about the size of 300x300 mm and a thickness of 10 mm. from Top to reinforce the electric motor from an old vacuum cleaner. The motor shaft should go down to 40 mm.
On the threaded shank install with the bushing, two washers and nuts to the working body of the crusher. It's the steel plate thickness is 1.5 mm, its size should be about 15х200 mm Axial hole in the plate run right in the middle of its length and sharpened edges on either side of the axis of rotation. This rotating with high speed plate (the knife) will cut the grain until, until they become smaller than the size of sieve meshes.
The working chamber of the crusher roll of metal strip with a length of 705 mm and a width of 60 mm. Two edges of the ring bend around the perimeter outward to form a flange width of 10 mm (they need to join the base and the sieve fixing). For fixing the crusher from the bottom side install the three dowel pins of wood, place them at an equal distance from each other.
By selection for sieves of meshes or perforated disks with different size holes, you can get the desired degree of grinding grain. The grain flow is conducted from the hopper, which is mounted on the base. To this end, the hopper is arranged a small hole, the adjustable vane damper. To collect the crushed grain use a regular saucepan or pot of appropriate size.