On the official website of RAO UES has a page designed to give shareholders more information about their securities. On a special calculator located on this page, calculate what shares and in what quantity are you.
To do this, complete the column "ordinary shares" and "preferred stocks", indicating there existing securities. After filling in these fields you will see the number and name of shares existing after the reorganization of RAO UES. There's also view the stock price of the shares. To obtain the value of shares multiply by price of shares on the amount.
After the reorganization of RAO UES was formed many small organizations. For processing the transaction of sale of shares, make one agreement of purchase and sale with each such organization. For a successful sale of stock update your details in the register of shareholders if they have changed. After that submit the transfer order to make the subsequent transaction and transfer the ownership of securities.
To feed the transfer order, assure at the notary authenticates the signature in the questionnaire of the person entered in the register, pay for the services of the Registrar, which amends details and makes re-registration. Send all the documents to the Registrar by registered mail with notification.
For insurance assistance, contact the Bureau brokerage service or a savings Bank. Conclude the relevant contract so that your shares hit the stock exchange and was successfully sold depending on the price and time of sale of the securities, and quotations of the exchange.