The lack of customer care. Stand in the customer's shoes and think about what problems he might face? The client, frustrated, uncomfortable time of delivery or absence of a package for a product, you wouldn't want to contact you.

Give the customer what he expects, and he will gladly make a repeat order, and can and will recommend you to friends.
Mistakes of entrepreneurs
The lack of advertising. A serious mistake of entrepreneurs is that they believe that the success of a business depends on the product. It doesn't matter what you are trading, socks, or some popular new. No advertising - no customers.

If you have no money on advertising, put information about your company in social networks, share it with friends and family. Recently very popular large boards, for example, AVITO, where you can post information about their products. And, of course, create a website to be searchable on the Internet.
Mistakes aspiring entrepreneurs
Negative attitude to new ideas. Remember, in our world survive only those who can adapt to the constantly changing conditions of life.

Don't be afraid to apply new ideas, because they determine the future of your business. For example, do not have to buy for your small office PBX (telephone exchange), better hire a virtual PBX is easier, safer and cheaper.

You have 10 employees who need MS Office? Take it in rent (MS Office 365), the problem will be solved for only 500 rubles a month.

Changing mindsets the most difficult but also the most important step that you need to make your business a success. This can help you books of such famous people As Robert Kiyosaki, Michael Dell, Donald trump, etc.
Mistakes of entrepreneurs
Savings for professionals. Some tasks (accounting, sale, etc.) is very difficult to solve without professional assistance. Yes, you will have to spend more money, but the result is not only a solution to the problem, but also getting valuable experience in the unknown field.

An important error of individual entrepreneurs is the desire to understand the accounting issues without the help of a professional. You have to understand that a good accountant will not only teach you the right to pay taxes, but will help you reduce them.

If you have problems with money, use online accounting, for example, Elbe, or My business. Only 1,000 rubles a month you can get a good accountant who will not only answer any questions but will help you to correctly fill in all documents during the remote connection to the computer.
Mistakes aspiring entrepreneurs
The lack of automation. The company is a place where every business has its own employee. Delivery of the goods involved in the courier, calls the Manager takes, legal issues are decided by the lawyer. Single, trying to do everything yourself, mired in routine work and ruin not only the business but also their health.

Can't hire employees? Use outsourcing companies. A courier service in addition to the delivery offering the services of a virtual Manager, storage, management, online store, etc.
Mistakes aspiring entrepreneurs
Fast withdrawal of profits. The majority of revenues (50%) shall go to the company's turnover to ensure its full growth.

When your hands are extra 3-4 thousand rubles, immediately there is a desire to spend it. Protect yourself from this, using one trick - buy a purse or envelope and put money in it intended for business. You will be emotionally difficult to take money from this wallet, knowing that they belong not to you, and your business.
Mistakes aspiring entrepreneurs
Too fast to register. Take the time to register as entrepreneurs, until the business brings the stable income. Otherwise, the premiums will be an unpleasant addition to your losses.
Mistakes of entrepreneurs
The lack of perseverance. This is the main mistake beginning entrepreneurs. Most companies close only because of the fact that their owners are too quickly abandoned the fight.

Remember, business is a continuous struggle. And not only with problems but also with yourself. Be steadfast in their aspirations and inevitably you will reach success.
Mistakes aspiring entrepreneurs