The main problem is that people are not always able to determine the nature of occurrence of these growths, so be sure to get checked out by a specialist to prevent the development of cancer. This is because when cancer appear different growths on the surface of the skin, which differ in shape, size, color, texture, etc. Moreover, the affected area can be any area of the body, even the scalp, oral mucosa, genitals and others.

Of course, many growths on the skin are removed using an alcoholic solution of iodine, which should be regularly lubricate the affected areas until complete disappearance. As a rule, small growths on the skin are removed after a few days without the formation of scars. More complex tumors require a specific treatment under the supervision of a dermatologist.

Another type of growths on the skin are sebaceous cysts, which are growths of soft consistency with clear boundaries. Usually noticeable inside the sebaceous duct. These growths on the skin is painless, but spoil a person's appearance. It should be noted that within education is a pasty mixture (Slowenia cells, fat, cholesterol) that may occasionally come out through a small hole. In case of ingress of infection atheroma begins to fester and swell, causing the person discomfort and pain. So you need time to remove the barnacles with a thorough scrubbing of the capsule, as the remaining particles can cause re-formation of growths on the skin.

Also known and common growths include warts that appear for various reasons and in various places. Of course, can get rid of it at home with the help of numerous recipes, but at the moment there are many methods the professional removal of warts. The most popular of these is laser removal or cauterization by liquid nitrogen. After removal of growths on the skin a few weeks should be respected competent care, which has a direct impact on the final result procedures. Usually excessive sweating can cause an inflammatory process in the healing area of the skin.

Thus, it is necessary to carefully care for the skin to undergo regular medical examination to detect skin infections and viral diseases in the early stages. This will preserve the beauty and youthfulness of your body.