Ask your service company how to call on mobile to Ukraine. You will not be able to do it without the correct code of the mobile operator in another country. the necessary information can be obtained by contacting one of salons of cellular communication or calling in help. Each operator has its own code Golden Telecom - 039, Life - 063, Beeline - 068, 095, PEOPLEnet - 092, Intertelecom - 094. To call to Kyivstar, dial 067 or 096, for Djuice - 097. Dialing the MTS is carried out with codes 050, 066 or 095.
Dial in international format the number you need to call a mobile in Ukraine. The first characters are "+38" means the international code of Ukraine. Followed by code of the mobile operator, for example, 067 himself and the subscriber number.
Call to mobile to Ukraine from a landline phone only if you are aware of the code of the city where you want to make a call. Typing the access code for long distance and waiting for the beep, enter the code for international communication – "8", then the area code, operator code and telephone number.
Be careful when entering the code of the operator before a call to a mobile in Ukraine. Made a mistake and typing, for example, the code 070, 090 0900 or you can fall for the trick of scammers or call in a firm that provides consulting services, teleliteracy and other services, whose numbers are very easily confused. In all cases, you can lose quite large amounts of money from your account.