As the ideal basis of selected album pages made of cardboard, fastened round rings. Alternatively, you can use a block of student notebook and the sheets of cardboard, pierced with a hole punch.

For decorating you will need colored paper with different textures, ribbons, stickers, clippings, leaves, and flowers, beads, buttons, small toys and any other materials that may suggest fantasy.

For work will need scissors, glue, needle and thread.

It is very important to choose the right photos for the album. You should choose only the most sharp and vivid images with good angles, if necessary, they can be cropped.

Children's album needs to have a certain theme. Usually the album is issued in chronological order with a caption under each photo. You may want to start the story with an introduction of parents, wedding, pregnancy. The child could clearly see its size, about photos you can capture a hand or foot by using a mixture of plaster or paints on each page.

Starts the album with a basic background, it should blend in with the colors of the photo. Further outlines the location of the image of the baby and decorative details. Photo better to mount on a substrate with protruding edges or with corners. After posting photos on the page, it casts all the decorative elements. In the last turn are attached to small and fragile items. It must be remembered that their primary task is to emphasize the theme of the album, so it is important that the decorative elements harmoniously looked with photos and do not overload the page.