The need for irrigation of raspberries is determined by the frequency and intensity of rainfall and air temperature. As a rule, the high demand of this shrub at the water falls on the period of mass flowering, formation of seed-buds and ripening. Newly planted shrubs should be watered during 1-1,5 months after planting. Fruit-bearing shrubs especially need water during the period of ripening berries. He is at the end of may - beginning of June.

With strong heat the raspberry bushes do not tolerate dry air. To maintain the required temperature, stems and leaves of this plant emit a lot of water, so it is necessary to periodically moisten the soil under the bushes. It is better if the soil is moist to the depth of the main root system of the shrub, that is 30 centimeters. After each rich Strait should be required to loosen the earth after its drying.

In August-September raspberries is enough natural rain. Watering the bushes later on August 10 experienced growers do not recommend, as raspberries will not ripen the wood of the shoots. As a result, the Bush can ill purple spotting. However, if the end of the summer and the autumn was very dry, then at the end of October it is safe to pojemy watering.

Equally important is not only when, but how to water the raspberries. The best option is to use drip irrigation. Such watering will not cause washout of the soil under a Bush. Watering should not take cold water, especially in the scorching heat. Use water at room temperature.