Detralex great venotonic


Foot problems arose a year ago - the strongest of heaviness in the legs, aching at night. The doctor prescribed the drug Detralex. Saw three weeks eating became visible at least some results. Completely the problem was after 2 months of use. The drug is very long acting. Well I would not say that it is cheap. Now smear knives cream for prevention.

Detralex from hemorrhoids


I heard Detralex well helps with hemorrhoids. It effectively treats acute and chronic hemorrhoids. A pregnant friend was prescribed Detralex of acute external hemorrhoids. Fetal development the drug Detralex not affected and disorders in pregnancy were observed. But you need to constantly follow the chair and food, try not to gain a lot of weight, not to aggravate. After birth, the familiar continued to be treated with Detralex and continued to breast feed.

Detralex works

Tamara Kryukova

For many years I suffered from problems with the vascular system. I have thin and not stretchy veins, ochani often burst and brought unbearable pain. Many drugs were taken, but the most effective was the Detralex reviews, in which I studied. Since then received two courses of treatment with Detralex, the results so far make me happy. It is a good product that has no significant side effects.

Detralex – assistant veins


The doctor diagnosed congestion in the pelvis and prescribed a course of this drug. Despite its considerable cost, the effect obtained from the use of the drug was satisfied. The relief felt after two weeks of taking the drug. Started to leave tension, pain and feeling of heaviness. During the course of treatment, which amounted to about a month, side effects were observed. Over the past two years has already passed 2 course of treatment. Very good and effective medicine.

Does not fit all


Began to take this medicine without consulting a doctor, on the advice of friend. After 2 days I developed shortness of breath and nausea. Periodic pain in the heart became more frequent. Swelling in the legs and were not, and the severity has increased. Detralex is not for everyone. In the near future I plan to go to the doctor to get rid of side effects and appointment of a suitable drug.

Detralex cure the hemorrhoids

Anna M.

Hemorrhoids bothered me for many years, and when it became unbearable, I decided to do the surgery. But one friend advised Detralex, reviews on this drug was just terrific. I decided to try, thought that the operation will always have time to do. And to me, the drug helped. For the past year, as hemorrhoids ceased to cause me trouble. Hope Detralex someone else will help.

Application Of Detralex


I heard that many from Detralex nausea, but especially individually, many of contraindications all drugs, so consult with your doctor. I have a whole day to walk in high heels, by the end of the day, feet buzzing, fatigue, pain. Tried Detralex was better in the morning, no fatigue and does not change with the new forces go to work. The drug of course is not very cheap, but time helps, it is probably worth it to buy it.

Detralex - Venerus


Since 2002, drink detraleks courses 2 times a year( no side effects noticed).After a week of pain and usually takes about six months, the legs can not remember - no pain, no gravity - all day run,jump... this year I decided to try Venerus - according to the annotations - a complete analogue, it is two times cheaper...
Cut a week, the effect is zero! The other zero! The third - same story... By the end of the month felt a slight investment. And now there's no such pain, what could be, if not saw nothing, but... such a lightness in my legs, which was after the Detralex also there! No matter how pathetic of money, but will have to return to Detralex... His, by the way, already 7 years we produce - the French opened the line and control the production( at least so I was informed on the phone when I'm, suspecting forgery( pack seemed to left), to call)...unfortunately, the pharmacy at the factory no... Packaging is no longer who is - call it - maybe something has changed..
Of course, when a very tight budget and the pain is not very strong, Venerus out, unfortunately, this is not my case ( I mean pain).
In some drugstores of Moscow it is possible to find the Detralex a little cheaper. Last time (almost a year ago) bought 60 tablets for 1200...
All health and good luck!

Detralex is effective


The drug really helps with running the varicose veins. My wife has always had to face the feet, especially at night (could not sleep, had to constantly obezbolivatmi) and load them. Started taking Detralex - all is back to normal! Legs ceased to swell, and tired as before and ceased to reduce them. In addition, do not forget about the movement! Just the movement causes the blood vessels to work that the blood does not stagnate. My beautiful a lot of walking during her pregnancy and, as a result a wonderful daughter and beautiful healthy legs wife. Good luck!