The ability to fall correctly may render good service in a variety of situations. Learn the techniques of a competent fall quite easy, it will take considerable time. The main difficulty is to teach the body to work spontaneously, correctly reacting to a rapidly changing situation. It's one thing when you fall in the gym on the soft Mat, prepared in advance and grouped. It's quite another when the fall is completely unexpected. Learn to fall you have to start at the gym, having spread a soft Mat. Alternatively, in warm months can be enjoyed outdoors, on the soft grass. The first exercise is the following: from position squat (hands in front of chest) gently roll down on your back. At the moment when the blade touches the ground, clap her hands, arms slightly stretched to the sides. The greater the drop, the more cotton. This action establishes a skill lanyard. Second exercise: drop to the side. Sitting on his haunches, alternately falling left and right. In the fall the cotton left on the ground perform only with the left hand while falling to the right – right. Please note that the hand is not inserted firmly under the falling body, trying to stop him, is a direct path to injury. Sitting on his haunches, arms out in front of him, slightly bent at the elbows, then falls to one side – for example, to the right. You go over to the right side, while the right hand slaps the floor, taking the part of the body weight. Arm in front of you and not under the body, this point is very important. Left hand in the fall for palm the floor in front of the right shoulder, is also taking part of the weight. A little practice, you'll be able to catch all the details correct style fall. The third exercise: forward roll over the head. Sit in a squatting position, then gradually ichnites forward, touch the palms of the earth and kuvyrknutsja. At the moment when the back touches the ground, clap two palms on the ground, doing the lanyard. Fourth exercise: roll over the shoulder. This is one of the main exercises, the mastery of them gives a very wide range of skills of correct falling. It is similar to the previous one, but the rolling is carried out through the right (left) shoulder. During the exercise, it is important to learn how to hold hands. Roll over the right shoulder is: sit in a squat (you can lean on one knee, touch with your hands the earth in front of him. In this case the right hand in front, left behind her. The fingers of the right palm, look to the left – so she turned to the side (thumbs facing in your direction). The left palm is turned in the same way, but right. Correctly placing the palm of your hand, kuvyrknutsja forward while the roll is on the right shoulder. At the end of the coup, run the lanyard. Practicing the exercise, it is important to achieve a smooth continuous soft rolling. It is best to start the exercise standing on the left knee. As you practice the exercises strengthen the inertia of the roll to have enough to exit in the same rack at the knee. Further testing of the ability to fall is to increase the height of the fall. You can also practice jumping "fish" through obstacles in a roll and rack. It is useful to practice jumping from a height of about a couple of meters: you land on your feet (to take part of the inertia of the jump), then both hands touch the ground, hands extinguish another part of inertia, followed by rolling over a shoulder and out in the rack. Proper use of this equipment will allow you to jump even from a great height without risking injury. Please note that when you jump from a height, it is important to make steady progress – you must meet with the earth at a tangent, in the shallows quenching the force of impact. If you just jump vertically down, the impact will be very strong, to repay it will be much harder. So when you jump from a height is always a strong build, gaining horizontal speed, it will help you avoid injury.