Clean the filter at least once in two weeks. Only in this care you will be assured that the air in your apartment free from dust, and the air conditioner will operate at full capacity performing its cooling function.

By design, all filters are divided into simple and complex mesh – pocket. Simple filters clean is not too difficult.

Before carrying out any work disconnect the air conditioner from the mains. Open the front cover, remove the filter. Removed rinse the filter under running water using a sponge and a degreasing detergent. Thoroughly dry, reinsert, close lid, turn on the air conditioner in the network. This method is used only in the case if the filter mesh, it can be washed, dried and used again.

Pocket filters cleaning not be. If your AC stopped working at full capacity, you will have to replace the filter. Commercially available kits are designed to replace. Turn off air conditioning, open the lid, remove the clogged filter, insert new, close the lid, turn the device on to the network.

If your air conditioner has high-tech soft or hard filter, clean or change the element of air purification alone is not recommended. You will have to invite the master, buy a new filter. You will make the replacement in compliance with all technical requirements.

Each time removing the filter for cleaning or replacement, check the condition of the sealing rubbers and frames for installation of the filter cassettes. If necessary, conduct their replacement.

Pay special attention to cleaning of the filter does not replace maintenance of household air conditioning. The master must come at least twice a year and maintenance of the device. The only way you can guarantee that air conditioning will last quite a long time and will perform all of the functions stated in the specifications of the manufacturer.