If to a concertand stayed more than two weeks, you can count on social networks and message boards, both those that are located in the Internet and in Newspapers. To advertise the sale of tickets at a reduced price to social networks – in groups and on fan pages devoted to this concert. Use newspaper free classified ads.
If to a concertand less than a week, you will have to spend a little more time and nerves. Try to resell the tickets to those who buy tickets at the box office – depending on how lucky you are, you can sell the tickets for like half an hour, and for a couple of days.
Ultimately, if time is very short, you can sell tickets right before the concertohms. Sometimes people have spontaneous desire to go to a concert, but to get a ticket in no time. Come to the venue of the concertand for a couple of hours before the start and offer tickets. Remember that if you want to sell tickets fast, you need to make a discount from the base price of the ticket.