Advice 1: How to draw women's Breasts

In different genres of painting and graphic artists often have to draw different female body part – for example, in classical paintings and drawings in the style of anime and computer graphics are often required to draw a realistic female breast. Not always the first time the artist manages to convey on paper the shape of the female body. To draw realistic female Breasts and create drawings with the natural reliefs of the female body, you need to know the rules and techniques of drawing, as well as what is in the Breasts and what determines its shape.
How to draw women's Breasts
Women's Breasts? is the bulk part of the body, under which is a chest muscle, starting from the armpits. The chest is always located at an angle of 45 degrees to the spine and at an angle of 90 degrees to each other. If you draw Breasts in profile, consider it a mild form, which varies depending on the woman wearing the clothes or the position of her hands is raised or lowered.
Line of curvature of the breast depends on its size and weight. The bottom line of the chest pririsovyvat deep and noticeable if the Breasts are large and heavy; if the chest is small, her line is not so pronounced.
Always define the shape of the breast, when drawing it, and consider its location on the chest of a woman – this time all the individual.
To give the drawing volume and reliability of the can, causing patterns of light and shadow. Shade the dark areas and light make glare or leave them intact hatching.
Don't forget that the shape of the breast differs depending on in what position should the woman you draw. If a woman is moving, draw the breast and nipple so that they emphasized the momentum of the body.
Tilt women forward draw the base of the breast upward. If a woman raises her arms, draw the chest raised up. In position on all fours or lying down , the chest is deformed due to its weight – consider this deformation in the illustration.
Always emphasize the three-dimensional shape of the female breast with smooth lines and shading – it will help to achieve the desired effect.

Advice 2: Why do men have Breasts with nipples

What women need Breasts with nipples clear – the mother should feed the baby the milk flows through the nipples. Male offspring suckle - so he doesn't need one?
Why do men have Breasts with nipples
From little boys and girls Breasts look the same. With age in girls under the influence of the hormone estrogen (produced in ovaries and adrenals) chest develops. In the male body the hormone estrogen is also present (produced by the adrenal glands), but the number is not enough for full development of breast tissue. Excessive breast development in men, pathology, and medicine called gynecomastia. Causes gynecomastia a lot (more than 30), but the most common is an imbalance of the testosterone–estrogen.

In men, the breast tissue is functionally protects against damage to the heart and lungs. But the heart and lungs protects even more hard tissue – bone, in the form of ribs.

Versions of the presence of Breasts with nipples in men is a lot for visual appeal, as erogenous zone, how vulnerable men and even the mythical (we all were once hermaphrodites). In fact, the answer is you can get by tracing the embryonic development of man. Up to 8 weeks of fetal life between the embryos, male and female, no difference. During this period, all embryos have nipples. After 8 weeks under the influence of hormones, the embryo begins to develop in either the female or the male type, therefore, the nipples of both sexes. A similar process is observed in all mammals, including humans.

Advice 3: How to draw a girl's body

The woman – perhaps the most beautiful thing on earth. The ability to convey the beauty of the human body can be equated to the gift which must not only be valued and cherished in itself, but to constantly develop. If you are painting in this area, prepare for mistakes and great work, because everything beautiful is learned with experience and considerable practice.
How to draw a girl's body
Start practicing with the basics. Buy a small figure-mannequin and start to get the hand in the preservation of body proportions. These proportions are the same for all people, but unlike the male body, where there is a further extension of elements of the female body on the contrary requires smoothing.
Proceed to the first attempts. You can start with. Learn to draw fingers in different ways and from different angles. Pay attention to the features of women's hands and feet. Even if the girl is slightly overweight, transitions should be smooth and elegant.
Review the structure of the female breast. This is perhaps one of the most difficult moments. If everything else in the female body lends itself to a modicum of standardization, options of the female breast as much as women themselves. Learn how to draw several template options. In practice, with frequent drawing you will learn to understand what the breast should be one or the other of your model, and what are the differences.
Be careful with the waist and buttocks. Very often it is these parts that cause that the artist starts from the beginning. Follow the proportions, not thin waist. The harmony is good, but frequently the picture it looks like the thinness, but they are different things. And also look at the photos, it looks like the curve of the buttocks at different poses sitting and while walking. If you always "static" to draw these muscles, the result is very comical.
Play with lighting. Almost all of the most exciting images created by the play of light. It not only adds realism and brightness, but also allows you to highlight what needs to be seen and hide the rest. These are photographers, and this is available to you. Put the light on a perfectly drawn legs and hips. Thus, you will attract attention, averted gaze, for example, of not quite balanced forearms or failed expressions of the girl.
Useful advice
Use layers if you draw on the computer. You will be much easier to portray individual parts of the female body, if you break the skin tone, shadows and light on three different layers. Try it and you'll see for yourself.
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