Women's Breasts? is the bulk part of the body, under which is a chest muscle, starting from the armpits. The chest is always located at an angle of 45 degrees to the spine and at an angle of 90 degrees to each other. If you draw Breasts in profile, consider it a mild form, which varies depending on the woman wearing the clothes or the position of her hands is raised or lowered.
Line of curvature of the breast depends on its size and weight. The bottom line of the chest pririsovyvat deep and noticeable if the Breasts are large and heavy; if the chest is small, her line is not so pronounced.
Always define the shape of the breast, when drawing it, and consider its location on the chest of a woman – this time all the individual.
To give the drawing volume and reliability of the can, causing patterns of light and shadow. Shade the dark areas and light make glare or leave them intact hatching.
Don't forget that the shape of the breast differs depending on in what position should the woman you draw. If a woman is moving, draw the breast and nipple so that they emphasized the momentum of the body.
Tilt women forward draw the base of the breast upward. If a woman raises her arms, draw the chest raised up. In position on all fours or lying down , the chest is deformed due to its weight – consider this deformation in the illustration.
Always emphasize the three-dimensional shape of the female breast with smooth lines and shading – it will help to achieve the desired effect.