You will need
  • — the bracelets on one or two hands;
  • watch;
  • — suitable clothes, accessories, makeup.
Try to choose bracelets that are in harmony with the shape of your hand. For very thin limbs do not fit decoration large size — they are even more accentuate the thinness. The best option would be a narrow product. With wide wrists, on the contrary, useful to large bracelets — they distract attention from the small flaws in appearance. If you are a happy owner of a fine hand, you can experiment with the jewels and jewelry of any configuration. The strings accentuate the elegance of the image and massive goods — the fragility of beautiful palm.
Follow fashion trends and pick a decorative combination that you really fit. Today it is acceptable to wear bracelets on both hands; combine them with the watch metal or leather strap. Even in the office with a strict dress code for stylists allow the combination of prestigious Swiss watches and bracelets with simple shapes and calm colours (beige, pearl, chocolate). Outside of work you can string on hand from a huge variety of products: bracelets-beads, baubles, silver and gold chains.
In pursuit of fashion don't forget about the harmony of the image, try to create a unified ensemble of bracelets. Make many jewelry groups. For example, a large number of brightly colored products with ethnic trinkets, baubles adorning the hands of beads or threads. "Punk rock" bracelets in hard colours (metallic, black). Shared products are small and of impressive size, smooth and with spikes; metal and dark leather. "Classic" — a little bit of bracelets which needs to be placed on one hand; leather, rope, natural colours and the watch on the strap.. "Casual" and "minimalism" — a bright decoration of contrasting colors that can completely transform an uncluttered everyday outfit.
Think about what you will wear bracelets. Fashion on a large number of ornaments on hand will help you with choosing the outfit, makeup and accessories — for certain components of the decorative items will blend with any items of your wardrobe and decorative cosmetics. For example: actual fantasy models of bracelets from mineral beads will become one of the hallmarks of a stylish ethnic outfit — tunic or gown of Indian shawls, totem pendants and charms; beach bags and sandals on the straps with beads and rhinestones. All of this will be the perfect solution for your Spa holiday.