How to wear a bracelet man

To date, specific rules on the wearing of men's bracelet does not exist. Most men wear it on the right hand because the left hand is already occupied stylish and expensive watches. Some men find wearing this unworthy occupation for the representative of the stronger sex but they are mistaken. Accessory in the form of a stylish bracelet will emphasize great attractiveness, sexiness and charm men, creating a stunning contrast between the strong male hands and fine jewelry made of precious or not really metal.

So, gold or platinum band indicates the status of the wearer and also on its consistency and independence.

If the man wears a watch, the bracelet can be worn on any hand. If desired, you can combine the bracelet with the watch – it will emphasize the originality and confidence men, since wearing this accessory will dare not everyone. When choosing a bracelet, you need to remember the importance of combining it with the style of clothes and other accessories (cuff links, tie, tie clip).

Which bracelets are suitable for men

So, men should choose for themselves restrained in the execution of the bracelets of platinum, gold, silver, wood, bone, plastic and leather. For young men allowed a bright knitted baubles. When wearing a bracelet no matter the age of the man or the strictness of his costume – some freely wear this accessory even in the amount of several pieces.

The main principle of wearing mens bracelets – the more expensive material from which they are made, the more solid bracelets look on the guy's arm.

Classics of the genre – bracelets made of metal, however, a more simple but distinctive jewelry are leather bracelets, emphasizing strong and even wild nature of its owner. Thin silver bracelets are perfect creative romantic men, while braided multi-colored baubles are likely to choose guys with a rebellious spirit and love of life.

The basic rule of wearing bracelets for men never to combine together gold and silver because it is tasteless and vulgar. If you want you can wear together bracelets made of leather and silver, as well as to complement them with rings of suitable material. This will highlight the elegance and style men, forcing the woman to pay attention to it and be interested in his extraordinary and courageous person.