You will need
  • - Windows;
  • - installation disk of Windows.
To format the hard drive, which is secondary, you can use the tools of the Windows operating system. Connect the hard drive to the computer and turn your PC on. Wait until the system load.
Wait for a while until it is done initializing the new drive. Press start and E to launch file Explorer. Find an icon for the second hard disk or one of its sections. Click the right mouse button.
After launching the new dialog menu, specify the formatting settings of the drive. First, select the file system. If the partition size is not greater than 32 GB, you can install FAT32 or NTFS.
Specify the size of the cluster. If you are unsure, just click "Restore default settings". Fill in the field "volume Label". It may be necessary for rapid determination of partition with some software.
Simply uncheck quick format, unchecking the desired item. Click "Start". Now click Ok to start the cleaning process volume. Wait until the program is completed.
To format the hard drive and divide it into local volumes is also possible during the installation of the Windows Vista (Seven). Start this procedure and wait for the launch window with the list of connected drives.
Click the "drive options" and select with the left mouse button the desired hard drive. Click "Delete". After some time graphical display of the disc will change its name to "Unpartitioned space".
Create as many local drives on the second hard drive. After this, in turn, highlight each partition and click Format. Now just close the system setup program, turn the computer off. When you re-enable launch the previously installed OS and check the activity of the hard drive.