In most cases it is enough to ask their parents, did you have the chicken pox. As a rule, mothers always remember all the ailments faced by their kid, even if it was many years ago. But, unfortunately, this option is not always acceptable. Sometimes asking is just not one in the case of the early death of parents or their complete absence. In some cases, close relatives are unable with certainty to tell us about you may have suffered growing pains.
If the parents are unable to give reliable information about that hurt you in childhood chickenpox, the necessary information can be obtained from medical records. Of course, with age a person moves from paediatric clinics into adult, and his medical records can vary, but typically all medical documents are stored in the respective archives many decades, and, if necessary, they can be raised.
If to information about their children's illnesses can be neither parents, nor in a medical facility, there remains one reliable way to find out if you have immunity against chickenpox. For this you need to do a blood test for antibodies Zoster IgG to the chickenpox virus. It will allow you to gauge your resistance to infection. If the test result is positive, the infection does not threaten you. If negative, means immunity you do not, and need to be vaccinated. This precaution (vaccination) not be able to fully protect the body from danger of infection, but will greatly soften the symptoms in case of illness.