Learning math by the method of Peterson involves the use of special textbooks-notebooks in which children can draw, write solutions, etc. it is the process of learning material should be constructed in a special way: the teacher explains a new subject, but only indicates a problem and pushing for the right decisions and conclusions, if necessary. The main goal is the formation of logical thinking, exercise creativity and communication skills of children. Because, according to Peterson, certain knowledge can fade from memory, but basic skills, General understanding of the world, the ability to think logically and love for creativity and communication must remain.

Teaching children the material is constructed as a chain of interrelated topics so the child in each new theme sees the already known information. For example, if traditionally in school learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division as different topics, then Peterson has to present them in a single theme using the most simple as a base to explore more complex. This method of building material has two main advantages. First, the child is easier to delve into a new topic, if it is based on old, already been studied. Second, even if the baby for one reason or another to miss or not understand the material directly, it can examine it later, in the process of repetition.

According to Peterson, the math class should be in the form of a game and be sure to include links to other school subjects, including Russian language, literature, social studies, etc. the training should be easy and fun so that the child is not afraid of the lessons and especially not thought that he is unable to understand or remember the material. That is why the lessons should lead specially trained to work with the methodology of Peterson teachers. They will be able to give the children the necessary motivation and explain to them that math is not boring, and that this school subject is closely connected with all the others.