You will need
  • phone;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • money.
  • - passport;
  • office of communication of the company "Beeline".
The transition from the dollar to the ruble settlement system is impossible without changing tariff plan. Read the information provided on all available tariffs "Beeline" on the official website of the operator on the Internet. To do this, select bookmark: "Mobile communications" and "All service plans".
Choosing the best option for you billing committed by calls to the "Beeline", enter your phone number: 06740070 and follow the system instructions. The account must have sufficient amount of money to connect to the new tariff (the amount depends on the chosen tariff plan).
Call the referral service of the company "Beeline" 0611 and follow the instructions of IVR or contact your network operator. When dealing with a specialist service you have to call a code word or your passport data specified in the service contract.
Visit one of the representative offices of "Beeline" in your city. Bring your passport. Ask a salon employee to transfer you to ruble settlement system, putting the desired rate. If you have not yet decided on the choice of another tariff plan, you can ask the consultants of the salon to help you.
Switch from one tariff to another in your "my account" on the website. If you are not registered in the system, send a free USSD-request *110*9# and press the call key. After a few seconds you will receive a reply message containing a password to enter the system. Logging in to your personal account, select "Manage tariffs" and follow the prompts.
For the solution of related questions you can also contact electronic on-line consultant using the special form provided on the home page of the website of the company "Beeline". To do this, go to the link with the appropriate name, fill in the required field and then click "Ask."