You will need
  • Bank card, passport, taxpayer identification number, payment password, mobile phone, money transfer control number.
Enter in the "Yandex-purse", using the username and password. Select "Withdraw".
How to cash out Yandex money in Ukraine
In the opened window, select the desired method of output. For residents of Ukraine it is withdrawal to a Bank card Visa or Master Card. Click on the link "Withdraw to a Visa/MasterCard", then "Withdraw money" and go to the processing center remittance.
When withdrawing money to Visa and MasterCard are two of the window. The upper window shows the amount that you get with the "Yandex-purse" in the lower — amount to be credited to the card after deducting commissions.
In the absence of a Bank card make a conclusion, "Yandex-money" through the system of Migom. To do this, select "Withdraw" and then "Get cash item Migom".
In the opened window fill in all required fields. For translation "Yandex-money" on the card enter your card number and the amount needed for withdrawal. When using the Migom system enter the amount, select receiving country and your citizenship. Specify your mobile phone number and your surname, name and patronymic.
Make sure all information is correct and click "Pay". Confirm the output of "Yandex-money" using your billing password.
Cashing "Yandex-money" using the Migom system, wait until you receive on your mobile the control number of the transfer. On the website of Migom specify the country and city of your residence and find convenient to visit a Bank branch.
After receipt of your credit card, withdraw at ATM or Bank branch. When using the Migom system, to obtain money present in the Bank your passport, a tax number and money transfer control number. Will get the box office cash.