First, there is the main rule in force in relation to the training and taming all the animals - never to be afraid of them and nervous.
как понять лошадь
First, you want the horse to get used to. For this we need to spend more time with her. It would be useful if you're after training to have her in the stall to resetlimit, brush, comb mane and tail. At the same time stroking and speaking tender words, that she felt a positive energy and not afraid.
как видит лошадь
Very well in this respect there are different "Goodies": fresh carrots, apples or bread. But sugar, though horses like him, it is better not to indulge for her own health. To feed so you can just when communicating in the stall. And even more effect it will give if you use food as a reward for correct execution of the command.
как играть с лошадьми
However, one positive contact enough to finally tame the beast yourself. It must know who's boss. If you give slack and allow the horse to take the upper hand over you a few times, she will feel stronger and will not obey you. And it is dangerous for you when dealing with such powerful animals.
как приучить коня
During training, the horse definitely need to bring up, showing who's boss. Therefore, you should be firmer and more demanding. But this does not mean that you have to be cruel. If the horse is correctly executed the command, it is necessary to encourage with a kind word, a caress or a piece of something tasty, observing, however, moderation. But if the command fails and the horse is not working as it should, you have to show character and a little to punish. Maybe enough censure on the high tones. The horse may refuse to work when you do not understand what you want from it. This often happens in the early sessions, when a novice rider commands the horse is not right, i.e. not as it used to.
как объездить лошадь
Never hurt the horse, even if you are not satisfied. She'll be sure to remember and trust cannot be and speeches. Also, do not to overwork, exercise should be a joy not only to you, then she will be willing to participate in them.