You will need
  • hook, thread
There are several types of patterns crochet crochet. Most popular: string, Poustovit, a column with nakida, column without nakida and other.
To make baby items, such as jackets, sweaters, use elongated loop. Usually they are knit with thick yarn and a short hook. First, make a single air loop and throw it on a ruler or a pen, it all depends on how wide you need the loop. With your thumb hold the thread.
The other hand the string from the roll back to front wrap object, which is an air loop.
Hook thread hook and pull through the loop. Get the first loop.
The rest of the loop, do the same.
To pin down the number, turn the product inside out start knitting way: a single loop lifting, then in each loop provarite a column without nakida.
To bind the second row of elongated loops of the previous row, position the back of the line and hold his hand. Other hand to continue to knit.
Wrap the thread around the ruler in himself, then enter the hook into the loop of the first row, catch yarn and pull through the loop. Here in front of you on the hook two loops. Catch up the thread and promazyvaya them. The rest of the loop promazyvaya as well.