You will need
  • Wallpaper, glue and desire.
When choosing Wallpaper it is important to consider the taste preferences of home owners, practical purpose, the color gamut of all finishing materials used for repair. Their background must be combined with the colors of flooring, ceiling and furniture. The pattern on the Wallpaper is of great importance. Thus, large flower ornament on the walls of the small hallway makes her even less, and a narrow longitudinal strip of the picture "pulls" the room up even higher raising the ceiling.Wallpaper must be washable. On the wall in the hallway fall sprays with wet clothes and umbrella. The dog coming from walking, want in the hallway to shake off. The child inadvertently touch dirty after a walk hands. And all repair, you can start again!
Now the selection of Wallpapers is quite wide, you can easily find suitable and drawing and coloring. The entrance hall is recommended to paste over textured Wallpaper, which mimic stone, wood, brick, fabric, leather, tile, or, for example, decorative plaster walls. Only it is not necessary to use dark tones, because the light in the room and so is not enough. The lower part of the wall you can hang a darker Wallpaper and at the top is identical in pattern light, closing the joint between the two strip border. Dark bottom protects from dirt and light top adds light and expands the space. If you decide to glue the hallway is completely dark Wallpaper, the level of comfort of your hallway determines the right choice and placement of light sources. Using directed backlighting, you can focus on necessary objects, to designate functional zones. In addition, the right light will increase the security of the limited space of the hallway - it is no secret that in twilight it is possible for someone to stumble.
The main thing to consider when choosing Wallpaper, it is something that does not need fancy Wallpaper for the hallway, and the ones that make it cozy and attractive.