The receipt of the loan money needs to be written by the hand of the borrower and not printed on printing devices. Only the receipt given by hand, is legally valid when applying to the court. The receipt should specify all the details of the borrower, his home address, the amount of debt, which includes interest. Amount should be specified in figures and words and currency that was present at the loan. All of the empty places of the receipts to put the dash in the Z. Specify the date of repayment.
Write down all of your details and those of witnesses. Put your signature and the date of receipt.
If money will not be returned with ious and witnesses go to court with the statement.
To apply to any other organ or structure is illegal and punishable by law. Moreover, in no case do not use threats in case of not repayment of a debt. Act only in lawful ways.
Often it is enough to talk to the person and give him additional time for repayment.