In order to build a beehive is not enough just to put together a small house, it is important to consider all the rules of the device and to create the conditions of life of bees.
To date, bees,gadflies came to the conclusion that the location of hives in an upright position corresponds to the hollow in which in vivo before and lived these wonderful, beneficial insects. Such a hive must be at least 8 frames, it allows the beescan build their home with the least amount of effort.
When the device of the hives is important to consider the conductivity, i.e. the thermal insulation of the hives. The thickness of the walls of the hives should be 20-22 mm. Case for honey can be made from wood or plywood. Mean they should resemble small parcel boxes.
The size of the width and height of the selected hive of beesgadfly, depending on their physical abilities. It usually houses at 8-10 frames, where the weight of one honeycomb with the finished honey is equal to about 3 kg Thus, the mass of the hive with honey usually up to 35-40 kg.
Use for the manufacture of hives only high-quality materials, in order to subsequently the dwelling for the bees were able to serve at least 10 years. So, we recommend that for the manufacture of hives to use softwood, such as cedar, spruce, pine, Linden, poplar, etc. While any of the materials should be thoroughly dried and must not have any signs of blackening, cracking.
The basic rules of how to build a beehive for the bees with his hands.
Properly, following all the technical requirements, collect all the parts of the hives. When assembling it is necessary to use the nails of such width and length that they could not split the wall or stuck on the reverse side.
Be sure to paint the outside of hives and every two years obnovlyaet painting. It is recommended to paint the hives light colors, usually blue, white, yellow.