You need to create the conditions under which the body would be as comfortable as possible to fight the virus. First, it is excessive drinking, which together with the liquid from the body out all the toxins - waste products of viruses. Secondly, it is possible peace and quiet, that is, bed rest. And third, the room temperature should be no higher than 18 degrees. This is the optimal temperature for the body, he need not to spend extra power to its own cooling.
The second step will be the effects on certain symptoms of the disease. For example, nose drops, expectorants, antiseptic treatment of the skin or reducing high temperature. It should be noted that the temperature should be reduced only when it rose above 39 degrees, or people not tolerate. In all other cases, high temperature is not recommended as a protective reaction of the organism on the activity of viruses.
Now we need to reduce the load on the virus-infected organs. Here in the course of going medication - anti-inflammatory drugs, means improving the functioning of the liver, other, depending on the kind of virus. It should be noted that all these medications must be taken only after consultation with your doctor.