Before he hung up his coat in storage, bring it in perfect condition. Lightly dust, shake the bottle. Do not comb and do not wipe the fur. It only hurt the product. Any stains should be removed with coats as early as possible. If you notice dirt on their coat, don't hang it in the closet for long-term storage, leaving the spot until the next season. Take the coat to a professional dry cleaner. Do not attempt to remove the stain yourself. You can ruin the fur and it will be impossible to recover. And, even if you rarely wear a mink coat, make it a rule to brush their fur at least once a year.
Repair damage to the fur before storage. If you have a mink coat of white color from sunlight, it can yellow. Qualified dry cleaning add bleach in the processing of your coats and professional Studio can easily cope with replacement of pieces of damaged and worn areas on the fur.
Store mink coat in a spacious place. If it is placed in a narrow Cabinet between coats and leather coats, fur will not be able to "breathe". Fur needs air to look fresh. In any case, do not coddle your mink coat in a plastic bag for clothing. It is recommended to buy a special cloth bag to top things with a hole for the hanger. In addition, the coat can cover a large paper bag.
The storage Cabinet should not be a storage room for household chemicals, cleaning liquids, washing powders and varnishes for hair. If a little chemistry will get on the fur, it will lead to irreversible damage to the mink.
Do not use mothballs. It also contains some chemicals that can damage the coat. Protect your mink coat from moths by using dried orange peel, tobacco or geranium leaves. If you store your winter clothes for a long time, then you need to replace these "defenders" of moth every four months.