You will need
  • - the main fabric;
  • - backing cloth;
  • - curtain strap (wooden block 5x2,5 cm, length equal to the length of the curtains);
  • - a strong, thin rods or slats;
  • - plastic rings – 18 pieces;
  • - screws-ring – 4 PCs;
  • cord;
  • - bracket for fixing blinds;
  • decorative sinker;
  • stapler;
  • - threads;
  • - the awl.
Start with material selection. The figure must comply with a strict form of Roman blinds. Best suited smooth painted fabric with a geometric or small floral pattern, stripe or plaid. Since Roman blind folded should not SAG, choose a fairly hard material: rough cotton, heavy wool, muslin, taffeta.
Take a piece of cloth. To the width add 10 cm on the side seams to the length - 5 cm on the bottom hem plus 25 cm for fastening to the cornice bracket. Lining fabric for Roman blinds you cut it identical.
Put the material face down. From all sides zautyuzhte 5 cm edge. Follow the hem of the corners of the "envelope". Manually wrapped hem edges, using flat seam. Lining treat the same, but the hem will perform at 6 cm, Place it wrong side on the wrong side of the main curtains so that the edges of the main fabric were performed at 1 cm from all sides. How many pins.
To sew Roman blinds no kulisek will not work. Take six strips of width 12 cm and length equal to the length of the finished product plus 4 cm Fold them along the underside of the inside. One side should be issued on a 1.5 cm tuck the Protruding edge again and stitch (see Fig. 1). One short edge and tuck stitch tight, leave the second open. Repeat for each kuliski (see Fig. 2).
How to sew Roman <strong>blinds</strong> your <b>hands</b>
In the next stage of work on making Roman blinds a pencil mark on the lining line sewing kulisek. The top, which should be under the rail, do not. Pristrochite drawstring for a fold line to the marked points (see Fig. 3). In the open ends insert strips. Close them and sew by hand.
How to sew Roman <strong>blinds</strong> your <b>hands</b>
When the question how to sew Roman blinds with his handsbehind, there is another – how to hang them on the mounting bracket. Wood block, wrap the cloth on all sides and secure with a stapler. Wrap the strap finished with canvas curtains twice. Check whether the hanging right. Fasten the edge with a stapler. Departing at 5 cm, and in the center, pierce the material Roman blinds holes with an awl. Another make at a distance of 2 cm from the edge. All the holes screw the screws with the ring (see Fig. 4).
How to sew Roman <strong>blinds</strong> your <b>hands</b>
Sew ring to center kulisek and edges. Route the cord through the left lower ring, tie a knot and secure with glue. Thread the cord through all the rings up and down through all four screws. Leave the end hanging freely on the right. Through the middle and right rings route the cords in the same way (see Fig. 5). Check whether they are equal in length. Freely hanging ends of the tie for the fourth ring. Two of them cut, and the third decorative hang weight.
How to sew Roman <strong>blinds</strong> your <b>hands</b>
Install a Roman shade in the window opening or directly above it on the brackets. The clip to fix the cord clip on the wall. Pull it to the desired height and lock the cord to the bracket.