First you need to determine the design of the library journal. Easier for a basis to take ordinary notebook in a cage. On the title page to write: "Reader's diary", the name and surname of the author class. Also, the child can decorate the cover in its sole discretion.
On the next page, prepare the contents of the reading diary which will list all the books that over the summer I read a child. For maximum comfort number the pages.
When writing information to read the book, you can follow the following order:

• First write your title, name and Surname of the author. In addition, you can specify the biography of the author.

• Next, you need to list the main characters in the book, give them the short characteristic.

• The following paragraph is a summary of the plot (for example, where and when events occur, what is the conflict, when he settled etc.)

• Then describe one of the favorite episodes in the book.

• Finally, you can specify additional information about the book (found by the student in other sources), "literary baggage" (what other works this author had read the student) to write a General personal impressions about the book.