In conditions of Central Russia freesia is rarely grown outdoors – our climate is too harsh for this delicate flower. So most gardeners prefer to plant the freesia in the greenhouse, on the windowsill or on a closed loggia. It should be noted that this plant grows well in flower pots and boxes, so no problem with its landing does not occur.
Planting material, i.e., the bulbs of freesia, you can easily buy it at garden centers and flower shops. As the soil is best to use a mixture of peat foundations with sand and charcoal. You must make sure that the soil remains slightly damp for tropical plants it is important. Bulbs can be planted several pieces in one pot to a depth of 2-3 cm.
The main condition for the successful cultivation of freesias is plenty of light. This flower is very light and needs a daylight length of at least 12-14 hours. However, the direct burning sunlight freesia cannot tolerate, so the pot is better not to put on the South window.
Depending on the growth period of the flower needs different ambient temperatures. Before the flowering period, which in nature proceeds at relatively cool temperatures (8-15 degrees), the plant requires a long dormant stage takes about 10-14 weeks. During this period, freesia requires a warm atmosphere in the range of 20-25 degrees. Therefore, in our climate it is optimal to plant bulbs in early March to achieve the appearance of colors in early September.
The room (apartment or private house), the bulbs can be planted all year round and depending on the temperature fluctuations from time to time to put the pots outside and remove the back. From the moment of planting to the appearance of the first sprouts, it takes approximately 15 days, and the period before the first rudiments of inflorescences is 5-6 weeks. It is important to remember that at this stage, the optimum temperature should be approximately 15 degrees. If it falls below 13-15 degrees, the growth of the buds stops, and in excess of 20 degrees intensive growth of leaves in the absence of inflorescences.