The easiest way to make a staff out of wood. The tree is easy to process and available, if you wish, you can give any wood desired texture and color processing with the stain and color impregnation. To create a staffand purchase the long timber of pine.
This bar usually has a square section, but since the staff has a cylindrical shape, you will need a well planed bought the lumber. To start, measure the lumber to the correct length rodand cut excess with a hacksaw.
Using a well-sharpened plane, begin to gently sostrugivat tree on the corners of the lumber, gradually giving it a rounded shape. Continue to pare down and modify the tree before it turns into as smooth and neat throughout the length of the cylinder.
After cylindering is finished, take a knife or cutters on wood and complete staff conceived thread. Cut it some pre-conceived pattern, leaves, flowers or any other items, carefully pre-accurev wood surface with sandpaper.
To make staff more effective can be put on to the top tip, is made of duralumin. Also the metal tip will be required for the lower end of the rodand that it does not wear out on hard surfaces.
After the thread finish the stick completely, and Polish it. The dust from sanding wipe with a soft cloth or brush. Cover the stick with a stain of the appropriate color, and then varnish it and leave to dry for a few days.