You will need
  • - gypsum plasterboard;
  • - metallic guide profile;
  • metal rack profile;
  • - suspensions;
  • - screws and wall plugs;
  • - the "ê" and "crabs";
  • - screwdriver;
  • - drill;
  • level;
  • - metal shears;
  • - painting knife.
Using a level, mark on the ceiling and on the floor layout along which will install the guide profile.
Cut with scissors for metal profile size you need. Fix it by marking with dowels.
Make a marker mark on the guide profile in the places where you will install the rack. Distance from corner to center of first stanchion must be at least 20 cm must be considered when cutting plasterboard for sheathing walls. You cannot use strips of plasterboard for 20 see the Rest of the metal profile position at a distance of 60 cm from center to center of the rack.
Use a plumb line to make straight lines on the wall. Install the wall hangers, the distance between them 60-80 cm If your walls are fairly smooth, you can attach a rack-mount profile from screws and dowels.
Insert the rack into the guide profile, and pin it in places marker marks "ê". To the wall of gypsum plasterboard was not waves, align the rack with hangers and fishing line stretched between floor and ceiling at the location of the profile.
After alignment and fastening of the vertical upright profile adjust the horizontal metal lines. For bonding between a profile use the "crabs" and screws. So you have finished installing sheathing under plasterboard.
At this point, you can do the wiring hidden communication, for example, wiring or piping. Lay walls with mineral wool if the room is cold and noisy.
Prepare the drywall for mounting on the wall. If necessary, make a hole under the switch or outlet. First install all the whole tiles. Utaplivaja head screws in the drywall at 1-2 mm. to Observe the interval between the screws 20 cm.
Remove with a plane or sharp knife, cut the side a chamfer at the cut plasterboard. On the wall all drywall joints must be chamfered, then after the putty you will have a smooth surface.
After covering the walls with plasterboard treat all indentations from screws and joints of plates with primer and then finishing putty. Oshkurte and your wall is ready for finishing coating.