You will need
  • - law firm;
  • - the author's community;
  • envelope;
  • - post office;
  • - web services involved in the fixation of priority rights.
Provide a evidence of you have a copyright registered on a certain date. This can be done through operations such as Deposit works at a law firm or the author's society, the notarization date and time of the work, using the special features of Internet services or the sending of any form of intellectual property to your address by mail.
If you take advantage of sending work to your address by mail, do not open the letter until the occurrence of disputes. Please note the postmark affixed on the envelope, he proves the date of the existence of the documents. But this way to provide temporary priority, is not very convenient, as it is disposable and easily contested, because the envelopes are sealed is extremely rare and the opponent can claim in court that the letter was opened.
The procedure of depositing is carried out by various organizations, for example, law firms and more community. Its essence is that in an institutional archive is a hard copy of the recorded works and in the hands of the author is presented with the corresponding paper confirming the Deposit and the date of the meeting. The procedure is not considered as the state registration of copyrights and in fact, only captures the actual time of presentation of work.
Notarization date and time of registration of the work - more solid proof, because it is carried out by an authorised person who has a state license. This procedure usually costs less than the Deposit process. Turning to the method of notarization, it is important that electronic and hard copy matched the density of the information presented and size.
Use the opportunities of Internet services that provide services for the formation of a priority. They fall into two main categories: those that use their own mechanism to record time and data; services, use the services of specific organizations. The last one is more reliable, because the operate on the digital time stamp, are regarded as proof of an electronic document for a certain period.