Tell her like the same age as her, confidentially, on an equal footing. Only then the girl would not move away from you, seeing in you an adult friend with whom you can share intimate.
If you can't see in your daughter's an adult who should be respected, then the attempt to "play the friendship will fail, and dishonesty will only exacerbate the distrust girls to you.
Communication without accusations and notations - the best line of conduct with a teenager. Do not reproach for what she wants to wear too short a skirt to school and calmly explain that this skirt is suitable for going to the club with the company.
If your words caused the aggression and rudeness on the part of the daughter, it is not necessary to answer the girl the same, and to respond calmly with dignity.
No need to criticize or praise the daughter with strangers. Your Eulogy can make the girl's vanity, and if you start to sort things out with the hotel, it will spoil, rather than her reputation, and her - in the eyes of her friends.
Often keep my daughter in difficult situations, periodically repeat the wording of what you want to teach, but do not berate, if something goes wrong, as you'd expect.
Listen to the opinion of the daughter, it gives her a sense of responsibility for making decisions. If she's right, don't be afraid to apologize.