In the capital of Poland the matches will be held at the national stadium, which seats 50,000 fans. Here holds home matches of the national team of Poland. The fan zone will be placed on the Parade square, and will accommodate of the order of hundreds of thousands of people. On its territory there are six huge screens will broadcast all the matches of the championship.
In Gdansk Euro 2012 matches will be held on 40-thousand stadium "arena Gdansk", which was completed in 2011. This stadium looks like a giant amber, as the exterior of the arena is used more than a dozen thousands of tiles in color similar to amber. The fan zone will be located on the Area of meeting people, which accommodates about 30,000 people.
In contrast to the "Arena Gdansk" resembling amber, Wroclaw stadium "meyski," which will host three matches of group A, similar to a Chinese lantern. Its construction was completed in September 2011, the stadium's capacity is around 40,000 fans. The main fan zone is located in the heart of Wroclaw's Market square. It will be able to follow the matches of about 30000 thousand people.
About as many people — about 30,000 — will accommodate the friendly Freedom square in Poznan. In this city at the stadium "meyski," will host three group C matches of the European championship 2012. Curiously, earlier this stadium was considered the biggest club arena in Poland, until new stadiums in Wroclaw and Gdansk. Today the stadium is ready to accept up to 40,000 fans.
In Kiev players and fans will take the oldest Olympic stadium, which was built in 1923, and, of course, substantially updated by the beginning of Euro 2012. Today it seats 40,000 people. It will host the final of the European championship. The fan zone will be located on Independence Square, where viewers can watch live broadcasts of all matches with four giant screens.
Kharkiv Metalist stadium is only three years younger than Kiev "Olympic". Its capacity is about 35-38 thousand fans. But at Liberty square, which is on the 9th place among the largest squares in the world, will host the fan zone. It 50000 thousand people will be able to watch the matches of Euro 2012 with three huge screens.
The center of the coal industry of Ukraine Donetsk will hold the matches of Euro 2012 - "Donbass Arena", which will accommodate around 50,000 fans. The main fan zone will be located in the Park of culture and leisure. A. S. Shcherbakov, which will have three screens, and in the breaks between matches will be held concerts of popular pop stars and also football matches for fans in the format of five by five.
In the Ukrainian Lviv, located only 70 km from the Polish border, will host three matches of group b at the Lviv Arena. This stadium is the smallest of those that will host matches of Euro 2012. Its capacity is approximately 30,000 people. This sports arena is the youngest among the rest — it was opened in October 2011. The fan zone will be placed in the busiest areas of the city — Liberty Avenue.