If the ground intended for a lawn, small area and thus has only small bumps in the form of bumps (called tubercles), we proceed as follows. Break the lump with the help of a chopper, then evenly spread the soil with a rake in all directions. Will vzryhlite the entire area of the plot, carefully breaking up the lumps of earth. Then tamp the soil. The easiest way ramming – if you many times go through the site backwards and forwards. If the area of the lawn is large, try tamping it a manual roller.
Suppose, instead of the tubercles on the area designated for the lawn, are depressions (called the fovea). Lawn this is unacceptable, because after the rains there will be water to stagnate, which can start to rot the roots of the grass, and that means a smooth and beautiful lawn is not going to please your eyes. Therefore, backfill the earth in the trench, tamping lightly, until then, until they razed the area. Then, as mentioned above, vzryhlite the entire area with a rake, level and tamp the ground.
Then either sow a prepared area with turf grass seed or lay strips of turf, carefully adjusting them to each other at the joints. Afterwards pour the lawn.
If you found irregularities (e.g., pits) on the lawn that already exists, correct this. To do this, gently remove the top layer of sod, and then add in the pits of the earth, while lightly tamping the soil. Finally, lay on top removed the layer of turf, carefully pour. If the grass on this place thinned out, it is possible to sow seeds of the same variety.