You will need
  • - program for flashing
  • - the firmware file
  • - language files
Download the version of firmware suitable for your phone and that contains Russian language. Flashing involves the replacement of the content of non-volatile memory of the electronic device and update its firmware. Download firmware only from trusted sites. Better yet, consult someone who is well versed in this.
You can also add the languages to the phone manually. You will need the file of the Russian language, it is usually called like this: EN.lng. And file ru.responsible for Russian t9 language T9 dictionary. You need to download these files from a trusted website and place it in a hidden file system of the phone in the following directory: tpa/preset/system/language. The downloaded files should match your phone model and firmware version.
To get into the hidden file system, use the SEFP, JDFlasher (it is a plugin for the program FAR manager - easy Manager to work with files). Open the directory or ofs bfs and go to the directory specified in the previous step. Locate the following files in the Language folder: EN.dat allowed_language.txt and lng.lst. After the selection, remove them from the phone by pressing the F8 key.
Create a file called allowed_language.txt on your computer, open it and select the desired language: "ru, EN" (quotation marks do not need to register) and save in UTF-8 and then place in the above directory. There also add the language files EN.lng and EN.t9. The file names must use only lowercase letters.
Create a file customize_upgrade.xml on the computer. XML is a text format used to exchange data between programs. In code, specify the languages which should be in the phone. In this format code starts with descriptor :
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
File save in UTF-8 and put it in a directory tpa/preset/custom. Shut down the plugin, endorsing the change.