You will need
  • - braid;
  • - two flat screwdrivers;
  • - hot water;
  • the source of steam or heat;
  • - Scotch;
  • roulette;
  • assistant.
Pick up braid for the price and material but also in size. To know the size, using a tape measure determine the diameter of the wheel (the outside). Additionally you can look in the documents for the car. 34-39 diameter corresponds to the size S (sport steering wheel), 37-39 cm – size M (cars), 39-41 cm – size L (classic or Volga), 42 cm – size XL (Gazelle).
After making sure that the braid corresponds to the diameter of the handlebar, try to put it on the wheel. Attach the pad on the wheel to accurately determine its location. Note the presence of levers or buttons – try not to close them with a braid.
Start at the top, pull the top and continue downward, sequentially, "dressing" the wheel. It is most convenient to use services of the assistant as to simultaneously hold and pull pretty hard.
If you have no helper, use tape. Pulling the upper part of the braid and secure it with tape (so the tape doesn't leave traces, close the skin with plastic wrap or cloth). Then continue to wear a braid on the bottom of the steering wheel.
Use for stringing two flat head screwdrivers. First, place the braid on top of the steering wheel, pull the bottom part podawa both sides. Next remove one of the screwdrivers and just press it place the hand. Podavaite the back of the braid with a screwdriver and send it on the wheel.
To facilitate the process of donning braids, pre-soak it in hot water, hot steam or heat soak from the heat source. The skin will become more elastic and will easily stretch, wear the braid will be much easier.
A little stretch braid can by plugging in girth overnight. Take the strips of a suitable size and fit them to the braid. Morning to put it on the wheel it will be much easier. After the braid will be on the steering wheel and secure it with lacing on the inner side of the wheel.