You will need
  • - Copy of passport of the convicted person, certified by the head of the colony;
  • - statement of claim;
  • - a copy of the court verdict entered into force;
  • - extended extract from house register;
  • - certificate of ownership.
The easiest way to remove from registration by a specific place of residence of the convicted person, to obtain his voluntary consent. If this man you are in a good relationship, with high probability he will meet you. Your roommate was in prison, should write the corresponding statement that he had no objection to his discharge.
This statement must attach a copy of the passport of the convicted person, certified by the head of the colony, where the prisoner is serving a sentence. These documents should be referred to the passport office. That's where the convicted tenant will be removed from the register.
If you negotiate peace does not work, have to act through the courts. To start make a claim. To it attach a copy of the accusatory verdict which has already entered into force and expanded extract from the house register. You will also need a certificate of ownership in the flat.
Directly on the hearing bring witnesses who will testify that the convict no longer live in this apartment and the owner of it is not. All this is necessary in order to have more chances to win the case.
If the apartment is not privatized, then you can write convict only at the time of his sentence. For this you need to include a copy of the entered into force sentence to refer to the passport office and write a statement. There the prisoner will be removed from the register. However, when he returns, will seek reinstatement of its registration at the specified address. If you by that time, will trade or sell, then the first request will be required to register a former convict at the new address.