If spark plugs of your car is broken or out of its service life, start the process of replacing it. To begin to free the casing from the visible area of the candle. Then disconnect all contacts from the igniter. Do this carefully, sudden movements should not be. Further clean the seat of the candles a special compressor with a small receiver or any other device that pushes air. Try to do it as carefully as possible. Usually the plug socket is heavily polluted with various debris and dust.
Then take a torque wrench to regulate the applied force. Any other key does not fit, it will not allow you to log into the well of the candle, if it is broken. All candles have a hexagon under the key. It is situated approximately in the middle. The failure of the candle is at the top of the igniter, which is a ribbed insulator to inside the contact pins and the contact (push-on) nut.
You must now put the key on the part of the candle, which remained intact. Start smooth, slow movements turn the key. Head, ratchet and extension set clearly along the axis of the candle. Continue doing this smoothly and effortlessly. No need to try to achieve the result of force, it is fraught with such consequences as the failure thread in the engine head, in this case, it is necessary to repair her, too.
Be sure to listen to the sounds that are released when you Unscrew the plugs. If you hear a grinding sound it means everything is fine, the spark plug is removed. If you have made a slight turn, but the resistance is reduced, which means the metal is melted, and the rotation Yeshe 15-20 will lead to a breakdown of the thread.
Then pour into the socket of spark ignition of solvent, it washes the thread and contributes to the further twisting. Wait a while and continue flowing movements to Unscrew the candle, until its complete extraction.