You will need
  • - funds from mice;
  • - bottled water;
  • - chlorine-based products;
  • - dust mask or cotton-gauze bandage;
  • - iodine;
  • - Zelenka;
  • - gloves;
  • - atomizer.
Hemorrhagic fever cause waste products of mammals are carriers of the infection. The disease begins suddenly with a sharp rise of temperature to 40 degrees, there is a strong headache, General weakness.
A little later the patient begins to disturb severe pain in the lower back and abdomen, dry mouth. The amount of discharge of urine decreases sharply, indicating a dangerous kidney damage. The skin may appear rash, in severe disease in the internal vital organs is bleeding. All these symptoms occur only after 3-4 weeks after visiting the garden, trips into nature, where there was an infection. When the first signs of hemorrhagic fever, contact your doctor immediately.
Vaccinations against hemorrhagic fever does not exist. To prevent the disease, take precautions. Cleaning suburban house, which stood all the cold season without inhabitants, and the only visitors were the rodents spend in gloves, respirator. Metite floor with a dry broom, dilute the spray solution of water and a few drops of chlorine-based products, thoroughly spray the entire room, wait 30 minutes, and only then proceed to cleaning.
If you notice the waste products of rodents, dilute a stronger solution of chlorine-based products, liberally sprinkle the places of dirt, remove with a broom or cloth. When cleaning the respirator must not be expired, cotton-gauze bandage should be four layers.
Do not drink water from ponds, springs. Bring clean drinking water in bottles. In extreme cases, use only boiled water.
Wash your hands thoroughly with an antibacterial soap or antiseptic gel. Wipe your hands with a clean towel you brought with you, and not lay all winter at the cottage.
All products subject to heat treatment. We bring our own bags, compacts, water bottles are not stored on the floor or the grass or hang them on the tree or keep it in the trunk of a car.
More are in the sun. The UV rays kill the virus. All bedding, located in the summer house during the winter, take in the sun. Everything that can be washed, wash and iron a hot iron.
Smokers should be especially careful. Touching the filter cigarette with dirty hands, you can get infected with a virus. Therefore, before Smoking it is necessary to wash hands thoroughly, and even better to give up the addiction.
All wounds, abrasions, scratches immediately treat with iodine, brilliant green or rubbing alcohol. Through the wound the virus immediately penetrates directly into the blood.
Timely control household mice. Buy a special tool and place in the habitats of rodents or contact the sanitary epidemiological station. Experts will carry out the treatment.