Advice 1: How to learn geography

Knowledge of geography will help to discover the world in all its diversity. With the help of this ancient science, you will travel to other cities and countries without leaving the apartment or class. The study of this school subject contributes to the formation of knowledge about the planet Earth.
How to learn geography
You will need
  • textbook, Atlas, games
Change your attitude to the subject. Geography is not only boring contour maps and cramming of data on the amount of minerals in a particular place. It is still the study of the planet on which you live, the distributions of the natural components and their combinations. Through geography, you will be better to represent the map of the world and can be the route to travel to other countries. If you want to deal with the economy, politics, ecology, without this item, you can not do.
Distribute your time properly. To learn more effectively and quickly, learn the laws of time management. Learn to distinguish the important from the unimportant. Start doing homework with more complex questions and demanding tasks leave last. Make a personal schedule, stick to it. Do not be distracted by empty talk, watching TV and sitting on the Internet in preparation for lessons. To do this, select the time.
Study the Atlas. Buy it in paper or electronic form. In the maps contains a lot of information about countries and cities. Besides the physical part, showing the terrain, it includes economic, political, climatic, religious and social parts. Atlas talks about the spread of various religions in the areas of peace, population density and average income, fertility, mortality, the development of industries. Learn how to read them correctly. If you have better developed visual memory, the development of geography in an Atlas - this is your horse.
Use fun games and puzzles for the understanding of the subject. Entertaining element will make learning enjoyable and interesting. Find quizzes on geography. Install them on your computer or phone and learn while having fun. In addition, you can buy books on geography, which differs from the textbooks unusual presentation of the material.

Advice 2 : How to learn the capitals of the world

Check out for yourself. Poke a finger into the map, name the capital of the statein which you are trapped. Didn't work the first time? Try again. Again failure? You should think about the gaps in their education. Remember and learn anew the names of the capitals of the world.
How to learn the capitals of the world
You will need
  • - map of the world;
  • - Internet;
  • paper, pens;
  • - a geography.
Display a map of the world in the most conspicuous place in the house or wherever you spend the most time. Study it every day. This will help not only to memorize the capital of the world, but also the geographical location of different countries.
Download the electronic version of the card in your computer or phone. In transport, during your lunch break at work, at any stage the electronic version of the card can always be at hand. You will always be able to remember two or three new capital.
Hang around the house paper, is written in pairs "capital/country". The best place for such notes are mirrors. In the hallway, bathroom, bedroom - glue a few pieces of paper on all the mirrors in your house.
Make a list of two columns, in one write down the names of the capitals, the second in the country to which they belong. Allocate fifteen to twenty minutes a day for learning. The most common "cramming" - was and remains one of the most effective ways of memorizing any information.
Be sure to do a self-test. You can check using the same list, closing the column with the names of the capitals. Or ask your friends or someone from the family members to test yourself orally. Ask them to call the country and themselves remember its capital.
Write down pairs of "capital/country" on tape. Record and listen every day before sleep, while walking or travelling. Use different intonation for each pair. Unusual intonation will help you to better remember each of the names.
To avoid the memorization method of associations (associations, you can create visual or semantic). Remember together with the name of the capital of any of its attractions. For example, in Vienna (Austria) is a Museum Minimundus (Museum mini landmarks from around the world).
Do not try to memorize all the capitals in 2 hours, otherwise there is a risk to organize in my head a real mess. Use the method of grouping. Divide countries into groups and memorize gradually the group on the day.
Useful advice
Viewing photos each capital will accelerate the process of memorization. You have in mind of course there is a picture of the Eiffel tower, when you remember France, and then the name of the capital - Paris.
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