Advice 1: How to deal with melancholy

Melancholic, as a rule, look mysterious, aloof and cold. For an external calm can be said about the storm that is raging inside. They're very sensitive, so even one wrong word or action can break all the bridges that you had to build in fellowship with him.
How to deal with melancholy
Learn to understand the melancholic, although this is very difficult. They are often closed in their own world, and you have to put a lot of effort to achieve their trust.
Keep some distance between you. Melancholic not like it when someone invades their personal space, so stay away from them at arm's length. Try not to touch their stuff because to them they are also very jealous.
Carefully watch your language and tone. Avoid ambiguous phrases, because the melancholic may not correctly understand you and be offended. They are very closely watching your behavior and draw conclusions. Even if you throw a quick glance at the clock during the conversation, the melancholic may decide that you're bored with the conversation.
Do not speak too quickly, clearly and to the point. They don't like long-winded speeches about nothing: do not ramble. Too long conversations wearing them, they feel tired and want to be alone. Do not impose their society, if they feel that person wants to be alone. Never criticize or speak up about it too sharply.
Observe his gestures and movements: they help to understand what not to say melancholic. A sign of excitement, irritation or hostility can serve his nervous movements, for example, he will hold in his hands the handle or thoroughly clean the countertop. If he straightens his hair or smooth hair, it means something alarming.
Be patient and do not rush things, let the melancholic to open with appropriate speed. Try to be kind to him, be understanding, sympathize, and try to lighten the mood. When it unfold in front of you and begin to trust, you will appreciate its great inner peace and get a good, loyal friend.

Advice 2 : Who are the sanguine and how to communicate with them

If you had the good fortune to chat with a sanguine, you must have received a huge charge of energy, vivacity and cheerfulness. It is these qualities that distinguished people with this type of temperament.
Who are the sanguine and how to communicate with them

Sanguine is extremely loving, they love life for what it is, and they have always filled exclusively with the brightest colors. They are always ready to smile from the heart to everyone, therefore it is not recommended, too jealous ladies to have a relationship with such a person, because it will be difficult to share those smiles with others and to recognize that they are addressed not to him alone.

A significant advantage in dealing with sanguine is that with them it is almost impossible to quarrel. Even all your attempts to talk seriously fail funny phrases and going from the conversation. But this reaction does not mean the indifference of man to the problems of personal disgust or just a fundamental unwillingness to talk, is only a feature of his character — not to take everything to heart. Therefore, the best option would be to listen to the companion and hammer head minor trifles. Sanguine does not like excessive emotions and prefer to have everything as good and comfortable emotionally.

Sanguine with absolute ease switch to another activity, their is not a bit scary. We should not forget about the emotional well-being. If they see that to achieve it will be quite difficult and you need to put some effort, it is definitely not for them, it is easier to go to where it is on the surface and it is not necessary to stretch and to resort to whatever was on the victims. It is for this reason sanguine not proud of their commitment, which they have not.

As a collective of workers sanguine very useful. They are not only easily adapt to any shifts occurring in their lives, but also create a positive environment in which to work with. When sanguine matter, there is no sense to address him, it is absolutely not disturbed by external factors. But he never sits laboriously on the same routine work, it is very quickly bored. But learning new skills and possession is retained for a long time. Sanguine advantageous charging position with the required communication skills. They will always be able to captivate and to convince the interlocutor. But in the leadership qualities they are not exactly Shine.

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