Please visit the official website of the Bank "Renaissance Credit". Select the most suitable course creditunit. The first involves the issuance of cash, the second – registration of creditcard Noah. In the relevant sections on the website describes the terms of provision of funds, methods of repayment of the loanand the rates and the maximum amount that can be obtained.
Complete the online application on the selected program. It is located in the left side of the main page.
Select the region you want to obtain a loan. The subjects of the Russian Federation represented in the special tab.
Write your name, patronymic and surname. Enter the date of birth and contact telephone number.
Provide information about your passport series and number, date and place of issue.
Enter the address of your residence. Check whether it matches with the place of permanent residence.
Leave information about your place of work.
Send the demand for receiving the creditand.
Wait for the call of the Bank specialist. Precise details regarding the amount of the loan, repayment options, ask questions if you do not find relevant information on the website. The Bank will make the decision on your candidacy and inform you when you can come to the Bank for registration of the contract. Also, the employee will report what the documents confirming your financial solvency and ability to repay the loan, you need to provide.
Visit the Bank branch. The list of offices in each region available on the official website. Give the Bank officer the identity document. On the basis of your application and documents confirming the fact of having a permanent job, the Bank specialist will prepare a contract.
Sign the contract creditunit or a contract of registration creditcard Noah. One copy remains with the Bank, the second you take yourself.
Receive cash or creditcard ing.