After childbirth some women fall into a deep depression not only fromwhenvechnogo rhythm of life (lack of personal time, lack of sleep, kainPS), but also because of its shape. And instead of trying to fix something, on the contrary they "seize" a bad mood sweet cakes. To do this in any case impossible.
During feeding of the child breast - some women really want the dairy, necessary for the replenishment of calcium in the body. However, there are unwholesome dairy products. Refrain from consuming fat cheese varieties, as well as bread. They not only contribute to weight gain, but also hinder the normal stool of a baby. It is better to give preference to the cream cheese and milk.
For the first time after giving birth, milk from women a little bit. Relatives and friends may advise to drink more fluids, but this must not overdo it. Remember that breast milk supply depends on how often you feed your baby. Do it in free mode and then you will not have a problem with it.
Eat healthy foods that contain minimal amounts of fat and artificial additives – flavorings, preservatives, dyes, etc.
For the first time, forget about chocolates, cakes, condensed milk not only for its shape but for the health of the child – they can cause allergic reactions or digestive problems.
Divide your daily ration for this amount withthe amount of food, how many times you when itimposes the baby to your breast. Eat often but in small portions. Do not overeat. After a while you will realize that even when feeding baby breast , you can eat correctly and have a beautiful and slender figure.