Choose a stable table. If your choice fell on the model with casters, be sure to check the mechanism of their fastening (fixing). Even if the design is solid and stable, not to leave her baby unattended.
Please note to cover the table. Should oilcloth or plastic. This coating is much more practical and easier. Food residues or traces from pencils, paints and markers can be simply removed with a damp cloth.
The table must be equipped with high sides. The liquid spilled by the baby, and the toy will stay on the tablee and will not be on the floor. Bumpers also come in handy to you, when you spend development of fine motor skills (for example, pour cereal).
There are tables with special grooves for bottles or plates. They are used solely for food, so feeding them more hygienic. You can purchase a tablethat is designed both for feeding and play, is provided with a detachable music panel and toys-massagers for gums.
The table should have multiple locking positions. When feeding put your baby close to the table, and during the game, on the contrary, move it on.
It is important that the table was removable (if it is attached to the highchair). It is very convenient if you want to wash it or it will interfere with any practice or procedures with the baby. Thanks to this function, you can also teach your baby to independently sit on a chair or pulling it out to the common table, to feel him "big".
An important color choice. Choose soothing colors and shades (pale blue, pale pink). The bright color will unnecessarily strain the eyes of a child. Remember that your baby attention should be focused on the spoon with a plate or entertaining toys.
In no case do not buy products with sharp corners or any irregularities. Because baby skin is quite delicate and sensitive. It can seriously injure even a slight notch.
To buy a table for feeding children should be in specialized shops, where you can view the certificate on the product. The main criteria for you should be quality and convenience.