You will need
  • Board section 50h150 mm, timber with section 50 × 50 mm, of glass of a certain size, elektrorubanok.
Take the well dried planed Board, it will prevent warping of the window or shrinkage.Make a carton for wooden Windows. For its production can use the Board section 50h150 mm. On the Board make a groove so that the profile Board had a G-shaped. The resulting ridge will contribute to the tightness of the window. Use for this work the planer.
Then, in accordance with the size of the window opening, sawed a Board into 4 pieces and connect them together. It is best to make such a connection using direct tongue and groove direct. To create this connection, you need to cut a tenon on one Board (which will have a horizontal position), and on the other a groove. This work can be made using a saw, hammer and chisel or use manual cutters. Then miss carpenter's glue the joints and assemble the box.During Assembly it is important to ensure the connection of the parts at an angle of 90 degrees. To ensure a rigid connection drill a hole at the end and paste it with glue smeared wooden pin. The corners to the ends of the install window metal corners to reinforce the box.After the glue dries, the box is ready.
Now you need to make a window frame by using a beam with a cross section of 50x50 mm. the Sequence of its manufacture is the same as the box.Make a profile with a router or planer.To frame is easily opened and closed, the desired clearance between the frame and the frame of 1-2 mm.
Next you need to cut the profile on the workpiece and to cut tongue and groove connection.
The connection parts of the frame is the same as in the case with box.
Insert the glass, install the hinges on the frame and the box.All, window frame, hand made, ready. When the wooden window is assembled, it must be treated and painted to protect from moisture.