Choose the right time to determine growth. This is best done in the morning as in the evening because of the load on the spine and joints the growth of the person may be reduced by a few millimeters. The same pattern, but in direction of increase, valid in the measurement of the foot.
Measure your growth with the use of special equipment. This can be done, for example, in the gym, or when referring to the therapist. For these purposes, use the growth of theOmer, thus to attract the best assistant to achieve greater accuracy. Come to the bar of the growthof the Omer with divisions. Then remove the shoes so the figures were distorted because of the soles or heels. You have to stand close to it, so that the strap touched the back of your head, buttocks and heels. Straighten your back and bend your knees. At the same time your assistant should give the moving part of the growthof the Omer so that it touches the top of the head. Figure over the top and will mean your growth. If necessary, using the same device, you will be able to learn and your growth sitting. It is measured in a similar manner, from the top to the floor with the knees bent when sitting in the corner at ninety degrees.
If necessary, find out your growth at home. To do this, take a tape measure and a pencil. Will prelolitas back to the wall or door, observing the requirements already given in the case of measurement with the increaseof the Omer. Swipe the pencil line above his head. Step away from the wall and measure the distance from the line-up which will be your growthohms.
In the absence of a ruler and the growthof the Omer, use an alternative method. Find someone who knows your growth, and lean against his back of his. After analyzing the difference, you will be able to determine your approximate growth.