All the shawls are divided into head and neck, to put it simply - big and small. Besides the basic ways socks (on the head and neck), large scarves are also designed for the shoulders (like a Cape), waist (like pareos), hips (twisted into a tourniquet in the form of a belt). Small - wrist (black bracelet), neck (in the form of the pioneer tie), hair (instead of gum). There are other options, and they all depend on your imagination.
On how to wear a scarf this season, will tell you the weather outside. So, this winter accessory is desirable to use as the top item of clothing. For many women, the headscarf style, grace Kelly looks spectacular with the coat. In the summer, this piece of cloth is allowed to descend below and become a spectacular detail skirts or jeans instead of a belt. Or part of the decor of the handbag has a bow on the handle. On the beach a large scarf it is possible to replace the dress if to wrap it around himself in the manner of the Greek tunic, or tie the ends behind the neck, creating a simulated dress.
Stylists claim that a scarf can transform any shape for the better, if you wear it correctly. Large women should drape top large handkerchiefs, plain or patterned. Chubby should give up the kerchief on her head, tied the ends in front of or hide all the hair. While women with a long face, in contrast, will go this way. A versatile option for any shape and type of appearance is considered a small neckerchief, tied in a tie.