Pick up in store the circulation pump of necessary capacity depending on the area of heated space and the material from which made the pipe. The most easy-to-install device with a "wet rotor", the installation of which is directly on the pipe. In order to extend its lifetime, purchase the optional filter.Determine the location of the tie-in pumpand heating system. It is recommended to install it on the return pipe (return line) in front of the boiler. Make the bypass, the so-called "bypass". Its diameter must be smaller than the diameter of the main pipe. Install the pump on the bypass so that its shaft is in the horizontal position. Position the module of the device when installing the terminals up. Mount on both sides of the pumpand ball valves. It is necessary to simplify removal and repair if necessary. At the top of bypass install automatic or manual air valve. It is required to remove the accumulated air in the system. Embed the filter into the system, placing it before the pumpohms. It will help to prevent the ingress into the device mechanical particles in the water.If the heating system uses a diaphragm tank, mount the circulation pump you need in the return line, as close as possible to the expansion tank. If necessary, it can be installed on the feed pipe, in this case cutting vertical check valve. After finishing the plumbing work, connect the device to the mains. Pour the water into the heating pipe, open the valve and return the system to flush until the tap not going in the water without mechanical impurities particle.Before starting the pumpand with manual adjustment rotational speed must razvodit. To do this, open a valve to release air, then turn the device on, wait five to ten minutes and then off again responderte it. This must be done every time when starting it up.