Use the built-in mechanism for adding bookmarks in Google Chrome. To do this, access the main system menu by pressing the "start" button and click "All programs." Launch your Internet browser and navigate to the desired web page.
Note the asterisk to the right of the address bar of the browser. Click on it to add the selected page to bookmark. Please note that it is possible to add pages in an existing folder or create a new one. Specify the desired option in the combo box and confirm your selection by pressing the "Edit"button.
Use alternative way to add selected web page in the bookmarks of Google Chrome browser with a combination of "hot keys". To do this, simultaneously press the function keys Ctrl and D (for Windows operating systems all versions or Linux) or cmd and D (for OS X).
Another way to add page in bookmarks of the browser Chrome Googlu can serve as a simple drag and drop the icon of the selected web page to your bookmark. Further action entirely similar to that described above.
Created bookmark will appear in the upper part of the window Google Chrome. Click on the browser settings with the wrench symbol to find it in the list.
Please note that the name of the bookmark can be changed in the appropriate row of the drop-down window to add bookmarks. Simply type the desired name and click "Edit".
To import bookmarks from another browser then save them in HTML format. Open the settings menu of Google Chrome and select "bookmarks Manager". Select "Sort" and expand the "Import bookmarks". Open the previously saved file and find your bookmarks in the upper service panel.